About Me

I used to be a Brown University Computer Science undergraduate in the Combined Bachelors and Masters of Science program, but I've graduated now. I currently work for Sun Microsystems but am entering the Berkeley doctoral program in Computer Science in the fall of 2008. A little known fact, however, is that I also was an History concentrator. Check out my history interests. I was a TA for several courses, most notably for the one and only Tom Doeppner twice. Feel free to check out the courses I have taken and TA'd.

I was raised in the town of South Orange in the great state of New Jersey. I attended Columbia High School (the best high school in the country), where I ran track and cross country, geeked it up, and generally had a blast, eventually making my way to Brown.

Being raised in NJ, one has to like professional sports. Naturally, I'm a huge fan of the Yankees and Devils. But my real sports passion is basketball and the Nets.

Besides enjoying long walks on the beach and candle light dinners, I rock climb, tap dance, play Ultimate, give tours, TA, consult, and type too much.